What can you do in order to get your Visa application accepted…

What can you do in order to get your Visa application accepted instead of rejected?

Germany is a really demanding country. Don’t be surprised if they’re going to request many additional documents from you for your Visa. This process is annoying and often tiring and there’s no guarantee that it’s not going to get rejected. If that happens, it is recommended you triple check your documents and attend additional interviews at the embassy.

Which Visas were the most issued in recent years?

The most visas issued by Germany recently were to Armenian applicants who applied in Greece consulate. Only about 10% got their visa rejected.

Analysis on the International and GERMANY Job Market !

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Can you work or study in Germany with a Tourist Visa?

Although the Tourist visa for Germany is the most applied for visa, you can not study or work with this type of visa. Another frequented visa for Germany is the Student visa or the Work visa.

Why should you as an international students choose Germany as your study destination?

You may have heard many young people who have expressed their wishes to come study in Germany. The teaching methods here are among the most advanced in the world. Let’s just say that you won’t regret picking German Universities.

Why is Germany a high level traveling destination?

Germany has established itself as a high level traveling destination through the years having great architecture, beautiful scenery, eventful festivals, and unforgettable nightlife. You can experience all this with a German Visa.

How does the embassy help you if your Visa gets rejected the first time?

When you apply for a German visa you have to expect that your visa may get denied, even if you have sent all the correct documentation. The embassy will tell you what additional documents to send and you can re-apply.

How important is Health Insurance when applying for a German Visa?

You have to take your health insurance with your other documents when you apply for a visa. Besides that, one other important document is proof of financial support. If you don’t have these you won’t be able to apply for the visa.

What do you need to do before you collect the right documents and submit them to the embassy?

Before you gather your documents to submit the visa application for Germany, make sure that you have stated the right visa which matches your purpose of going to Germany.