Can you Travel around Europe with the ETIAS Visa? Please note that…

Can you Travel around Europe with the ETIAS Visa?

Please note that ETIAS does not grant you entry to Europe, it is valid for the Schengen countries only. Make sure to check if the country you’re planning on going to is part of the Schengen Zone.

You will only need 1 document to apply for ETIAS, and that is your passport.

In itself the passport already includes a picture of you, the part under the picture that is readable by a passport reading machine and the electronic passport chip which can be found in the cover page of your passport at the bottom (this one is not necessary).

Besides being cheap what other benefits does the ETIAS visa have?

Reinforcing the visa liberalization policy of the European Union is one of the benefits ETIAS visa will give. Besides this, the travelling of individuals from state to state will feel more secure.

What can you use the ETIAS Visa for?

Upon receiving an ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) visa, non-EU citizens are free to move across the nations of the Schengen area. The possibilities are endless. Use it to visit friends, family, medical reasons or meeting new people.

How will the ETIAS staff check the online applications?

While filling the online application form which is automatic, there will be signals if there is something unnatural. After this, the staff of the ETIAS Central Unit and ETIAS National Unit(s) will undergo manual processing to that application.

Is there an easier way to get a Visa and travel around Europe?

The answer is yes, efficiency is one of the traits the world strives towards. The world is full of formalities and the modern world is full of it. Starting from next year, get ready to travel to any Schengen country with only one document that will make everything easier: The ETIAS Visa.

In case you’ve submitted your application and you’ve gotten back a message of rejection there will be reasons of explaining this decision.

Try to reapply by making sure you avert those problems and submit all the documents needed.

How much do you have to pay for the ETIAS authorization?

ETIAS is relatively easy and cheap to get. Individuals under 18 years will not have to pay any fees, whereas adults over 18 years old will have to pay an amount of 7 Euros for each application.