What is a remonstrance and how can it benefit you? If your…

What is a remonstrance and how can it benefit you?

If your Schengen Visa has been denied, you may apply for a review of the decision. This is called a remonstrance. But you have to check with the embassy first because not all states of the Schengen zone offer this opportunity.

How many applicant were there in recent years for the Schengen Visa?

There were around 16 million applicants overall for the Schengen Visa. This number was slightly higher than that of earlier years which numbered around 15 million applicants who wanted to visit the Schengen states.

What should you do before you submit your application for the Schengen Visa?

Make an appointment with the Schengen nation embassy you want to fly to before submitting the application for a Schengen visa. Beyond collecting all the necessary documents for the Visa, this is an important step of the application process.

How does your status affect your Schengen Visa application process?

Schengen visa required documents depend on the status of the applicant. Different and specific documents are needed if the applicant is employed, self-employed, a student, a retiree, unemployed or married to an EU citizen.

Which Schengen states should you travel to as an international visitor?

Almost all the Schengen states are popular and wanted states to go and visit. The most applications for a Schengen visa were asked for France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Which document do you need to be able to travel across the Schengen Area?

Traveling across Schengen is an experience on its own. People come here constantly to visit the amazing architecture and be part of the culture. Schengen Visa will be the easiest form of documentation to do this with.

A trip around Europe from your hometown has never been easier to get!

A Schengen visa gives you free entrance into 26 beautiful states which you can explore and visit with the love of your life, friends, family or even alone.

Where can you travel if your Schengen Visa gets denied?

Planning for an epic trip through Europe is a thrilling phase that can be easily crushed by being refused the Schengen visa. Even if this occurs, you shouldn’t let it bring you down; now you have a fully planned trip and you can wait to get your visa accepted whenever you get an opportunity. In the meantime, hit your own country’s corners!

Information for volunteers!

You are drawn to faraway places and at the same time you would like to promote nature conservation or make a small contribution to improving the local living conditions? Volunteering abroad offers you a variety of opportunities to get involved in projects in the fields of social work, medicine, to engage in education, environmental protection and nature conservation. By working and living together with the local people you will make new friends, learn about everyday life and culture in another country and gain valuable experience. You will also expand your language skills along the way. In order to be able to embark on this adventure with complete peace of mind, reliable insurance cover is particularly important. After all, you can also fall ill abroad and there are many other risks against which you should insure yourself. A few practical examples:
  • In the rented apartment your perfume bottle falls into the sink and causes a crack.
  • When you walk alone through a remote side street, another person threatens you and demands that you hand over your wallet.
  • When skiing in the mountains you are seriously injured and must be rescued by the mountain rescue service.
  • Your grandfather died unexpectedly and you want to travel home for the funeral.
We therefore recommend that you take out complete cover, including health insurance, personal liability insurance, accident insurance and assistance insurance.