What is one thing you need to know before applying to travel…

What is one thing you need to know before applying to travel in the EU states?

Before applying to travel abroad make sure that your passport has at least six months of validity at the time that you are going to enter the European Union country.

Which documents do you need as a EU citizen when traveling around Europe?

You do not need to show your identification document or passport if you are a EU citizen and you want to travel to another Schengen EU county. Traveling between these states is free for all citizens.

Which documents do you need to carry with you as a non-EU citizen traveling to EU?

When trying to visit your EU national family member, you will have to apply with your passport, ID and visa, but keep in mind to carry your travel, health and car insurance documents with you.

What is Europe known for and how much does the youth affect these beautiful countries?

Europe is known to be a very lively continent. The youth is very well integrated here. There are many youth centers and places for them to hang out at such as: clubs, organizations, museums, amusement parks, beautiful cafes and much more.

Which country in Europe is the most visited by international visitors and how many of them visit yearly?

On the top lists of most visited countries in the world, of course, is France. Statistics show that France attracts more than 80 million tourists every year and this number is still growing.

What do the European Union counties have in common and what do they offer?

European Union consists of European states which have common goals like: promote peace, offer freedom, promote economic growth, promote scientific and technological progress, enhance economic, social and territorial cohesion etc.

Do you want to get a job in Europe?

If you are looking to find a job while traveling to EU countries you won’t have a hard time doing so. Tourism is a well-developed aspect of economy in Europe, and 1% of people who work in EU have positions in the tourist accommodation sector.

Do Europeans also travel in Europe and how many of them do?

Each year, European Union habitats take more than a billion vacation trips, and usually these trips are inside Europe. These visits made over 700 billion Euros in past years, helping Europe grow and become more popular.