Which country had the most applicants for a German Visa? There is…

Which country had the most applicants for a German Visa?

There is a difference between the countries citizens of which apply the most for German Visas. For example, in recent years, around 15 million Armenian citizens applied for this type of visa in Germany.

Which Job in GERMANY is perfect for You?

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What happens if you get rejected by the embassy?

If it happens that your visa gets denied when you apply for one in Germany, that is okay! Many visas get rejected and the embassy will send you a response telling you of the reason.

What is one of the most important document each embassy asks for?

One important document every German embassy asks for is the travel insurance and the letter that proves that you can support yourself or someone else can support you financially during your stay in Germany. The German embassy is strict about these.

Which type of Visa is the right one for people who want to go to Germany to find a job and work there?

Apart from the Tourist/Visitor Visa and the Student Visa, the other known visa for Germany is the German Employment Visa. People who want to work in Germany, either employed by someone else or self-employed usually apply for this visa.

Why is Germany a high level traveling destination?

Germany has established itself as a high level traveling destination through the years having great architecture, beautiful scenery, eventful festivals, and unforgettable nightlife. You can experience all this with a German Visa.

Should you write a letter of complaint if your Visa application gets rejected?

If your visa has been denied, the embassy should send you a letter stating the reasons why this has happened. This letter is called remonstrance and you should write a letter of complaint regarding all the reasons mentioned in the remonstrance and the reasons why you should get the Visa. Make it short and precise!

What kind of Permit do you need to be able to Work in Germany?

One of the reasons many people travel to Germany is for working purposes. For this you will need specific permission issued by the Ministry. The Critical Skills Employment Permit stands for a list of occupations with the annual salary of 30,000 Euros to 60,000 Euros, also those above 60,000 Euros. If you get this Permit you will have residence stamp number one stamped in your passport.

Why is Germany such a popular option for job opportunities for international visitors?

People worldwide look for better careers, higher salaries and better job conditions. That’s why so many people pick Germany to be the place they turn to to find better jobs.