What do you need to know before you travel to any European…

What do you need to know before you travel to any European Union country?

Before you travel to any EU state, make sure you are prepared financially. Calculate your expenses beforehand, including your fees or visa application fees. Be aware of any changed plans during your travel.

EU countries are popular places to visit by many people around the world.

This is proves by last years European Union Tourism Trends Report that stated first five visited destinations in the world located in EU.

Which documents are needed to travel and which ones are not valid for identification?

When traveling from a Schengen EU state to another, you can only prove your identity by your passport or ID. Documents like driving license, post, bank or tax cards are not valid.

If you are someone who enjoys the snow and wants to travel to colder places then Europe is a great place for you!

For people who like skiing, Europe offers one of the best locations to ski and snowboard. The Alps are not only beautiful to watch, but they have great hikes and ski slopes that will offer you unforgettable journeys.

Is health insurance important to be able to travel in the EU states?

Before traveling to any EU country make sure to have travel insurance. In case your documents or personal belongings get stolen the insurance will cover up for these items.

Is Europe known for its tourism and which countries there are the most visited?

Europe is known for its travelers which are growing every year. 35% of the world’s global tourism is generated from the European Union, more specifically states like Italy, Spain and France accounted for more than half of travel in these years.

Besides the eccentric nightlife what other things does Europe offer to young people?

Most of EU states have their own beaches and places you can go in the summer. However, some of these beaches are very cold, especially in the north, so you have to plan beforehand where you want to go.

How can you travel to the EU states in the easiest way possible?

Make sure to carry your identification and if you happen to have a family member who is an EU citizen, then it is way easier for you to be able to cross the border. The authorities at the border may ask for a marriage or birth certificate and a proof that you will be accompanied by the EU citizen.